Organic Love Birds Orange Hoodie



Crafted from a blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester, this hoodie is a testament to our dedication to eco-friendly fashion. The organic cotton provides a soft, comfortable feel against your skin, while the recycled polyester adds durability and reduces environmental impact. Revel in the cosy embrace of this thoughtfully designed hoodie, knowing you're making a positive choice for both your wardrobe and the planet.

The eye-catching Vibrant Orange shade is a statement in itself, adding a lively touch to your collection while reflecting our commitment to sustainable practices. Stand out in a hue that not only brightens your day but also brightens the future of fashion.

Featuring a captivating hand-drawn tropical love birds print on the front, this hoodie is a celebration of love and nature. The intricate details capture the essence of tropical paradise, making this piece a unique and charming addition to your wardrobe.


Fibre Composition: 85% Organic Cotton 15% Recycled Polyester 

Machine Washable.

Certifications: GOTS Standard, Oeko-Tex, Peta Approved Vegan.